A b o u t   U s
We are a small family that believes in Jesus and believes in living a simple life.

We are David and Merissa and we have 3 children. We are a Christian homeschooling family living in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Our family has been through a lot since we became a family in 2007 but we still hold strong to our beliefs. When looking for a new place to call our own in 2020, we found the perfect piece of land (to us!) that we believed we could regenerate and also share with those looking for some peace in this crazy world.

If you are looking for healthy food, bulk foods, or a place to have a peaceful stay and experience life on the homestead, we welcome you to contact us.

Our Homestead

We Built Our Own

On a tight budget, we decided to build our own home with our own 2 hands. It wasn't easy but very rewarding and the cost allowed us to do other things with the money we had saved.

Our Land

Our land may not look that pretty yet but we are working to build the soil and regenerate the land. We do this using methods such as hugelkulture and planting native plants.

Our Produce

We believe in using only natural growing methods and never use any chemicals or fertilizers that will harm the soil or the bees. We use no pesticides.

Our Eggs and Meat

We use free range and pasturing methods of raising animals. We also use rotational grazing to protect the land and to help regenerate new growth.